The K-KC Foundation

Our Programs

Celebratory Giving

Share the blessing and happiness of commemorating religious occasions with incapable families and/or communities

Disaster Recovery

Deliver emergency supplies to affected families during calamities like flood, hurricanes, river erosion, drought and more recently - pandemics

Employment & Entrepreneurial Support

Perhaps the most impactful programs of all – facilitate promising individuals and small businesses in struggling households with financial and/or logistical resources to achieve self-sufficiency through sustainable source of income


Healthcare Assistance

Provide medical assistance to uninsured patients incapable of affording diagnosis and/or treatments in partnership with healthcare service providers

Tuition Relief

Award scholarships to deprived students aimed to secure uninterrupted education while reducing financial burden on families with limited earnings

≥97% of every Donation guaranteed to reach the Beneficiary

We ensure maximum utilization of proceeds towards the cause by keeping all administrative expenses at a bare minimum through voluntary involvement of resources

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